About Us

Men’s need and search for the complete personal and professional development, with clear market need for self-perception, understanding of the surrounding worlds and his position and orientation in it, lead to the creation of Modern communication models for improving personal and professional competence on the market. Defining the need, professional and personal development as a challenge for a modern man, as the subject of the research, is based on the growing supply and demand for books in the fields of popular psychology and spirituality, self-help, articles, blogs, stories on the internet, panel discussion on television; and then, on growing popularity of workshops, counseling, seminars for self-development, promotion of new communicology professions (“life coach” etc.).

In that comprehensive personal-profesional space, different offers emerge and compete, and based on their theoretic background, motives and goals, they use different communication approaches and strategies, which can even be manipulative.

Intelligent Communications (IC) Metodology, as well as the doctoral dissertation which is the reference for it, for that reason academically and empirically differentiate and separate “the wheat from the chaff”. Because, man’s entire work on himself, as well as his thoughts and observations, gets validated through communication with other people. Especially through interpersonal communication, because oral interpersonal communication meets emotional, social and cognitive human needs. Creation of a healthy work environment, work motivation in employees, and good organizational culture, depends greatly on the quality and frequency of the interpersonal communication.

International Association for Intelligent Communications (INAFIC) has the mission to spread the awareness on the importance of communication, communication situations and communication act in all segments of life, because humans are relationship beings and their whole life revolves around specific relationships. Founded with the intention of achieving goals in the field of development of professional and personal competence of contemporary individuals, members and general public, this Association has the following goals:

  • development of professional and personal competence of contemporary individuals;
  • development of science and education for the purpose of encouraging intellectual and corporate development in Serbia, in the region and beyond;
  • preservation and development of the general knowledge fund and overall scientific research and professional staff in social sciences, and especially in management, communicology, psychology, human resource development and related science;
  • education of legal and natural persons, both professional and personal through coaching tools and techniques;
  • education of children and youth;
  • education of legal and natural persons, children and youth on the importance of communication and especially intelligent communication in interpersonal and other relationships;
  • improvement of life standards of citizens through adoption of intelligent communication principles, both interpersonal and intrapersonal;
  • empowering individuals through application of scientific methodology “Intelligent communicologist” by dr Jelena Bajic;
  • development, application and improvement of new, modern communication models;
  • development, application and improvement of new, modern communication models: Neuro-linguistic programming, Transactional analysis, Assertive communication, Applied theatre, Coaching, Non-verbal communication and other similar programs intended for developing competence of XXI century man;
  • directing community towards innovations, creation of creative and applicable education;
  • advocacy for the advancement of scientific research, promotion and popularization of science and openness to new knowledge and findings;
  • organizing activities and public advocacy for changing habits in terms of common ways of communication in all segments of operation, from personal, through professional and public - media communication;
  • education and development of professional and personal competence of employees in public and private sectors;
  • education and development of professional and personal competence of unemployed persons, children, youth and persons with special needs;
  • development of more humane interpersonal relationships on all levels and in all segments of society;
  • implementation of better, quality intelligent communication between people and thus contribute to creation of better private and working ambiance, and with it better life standard in Serbia, the region, European Union and beyond by using practical application of relevant scientific communication theories.