Organization International Association for Intelligent Communications (INAFIC) is formed with the idea to round up relevant experts, connoisseurs of communication, psychological and managerial opportunities in our country and beyond, and to point out the growing need to further develop “transversal” competence in the increasingly demanding living environment of XXI century. Through education, workshops, conferences and other activities, this Organization gathers experts and curious recipients, and seriously promotes intelligent approach to communication of contemporary people through reliance on academic work (doctoral thesis), but also the practical application of all acquired knowledge and insights from the last decade. The final goal is to make quality programs for developing communication and other important competencies for the XXI century accessible to those thinking recipients who demonstrate interest and need for a modern way of developing and improving themselves. In the effort to accomplish the aforementioned, and all other goals that were mentioned earlier, this Association especially:

  • gathers and processes scientific and professional literature in the field of development of professional and personal competences;
  • organizes alone or with the help of other organizations, professional and scientific gatherings, conferences, seminars, symposiums, lectures, summits, forums, trainings, study visits, presentations, round tables, internships, research projects, intercultural projects and programs, academic meetings, trainings, workshops, summer and winter schools and other forms of education in the field of competences, development of modern communication models (Neuro-linguistic programming, Transactional analysis, Assertive communication, Applied theatre, Coaching, Non-verbal communication and other similar programs) with the accent on intelligent communication based on methodology “Intelligent communicologist” by dr Jelena Bajic;
  • implements applied, innovative and developmental researches and analyses of the highest social significance in the domain of human development that have the goal to improve knowledge and implement innovations in domain of development of human resources in all segments of operation;
  • publishes books, monographies, practicums, thematic collection of works, periodic and other publications such as different elaborates, studies, specific analysis, strategies and data basis on important issues related to modern methods and models of individual development, as well as other publications on issues related to individual development, its transversal (professional and personal competences) in accordance to the law;
  • organizes experts to work on educating children and youth in the field of development and nurturing of transversal competences, intelligent interpersonal communication, coaching, as well as implementing activities regarding this topic;
  • organizes promotional gatherings, workshops, sessions, and similar events in the effort of spreading the awareness to individuals about the importance of developing all competences for the 21st century as well as adequate applications of intelligent communication in everyday professional and individual life of an individual;
  • works closely with universities, schools, professional association and other organizations in country and abroad, that deal with education and development of professional and personal competences of the modern man through implementation of modern communication models (Neuro-linguistic programming, Transactional analysis, Assertive communication, Applied theatre, Coaching, Non-verbal communication and other similar programs for developing transversal competences in contemporary men), as well with implementing basic postulates of the new methodology named “Intelligent communicologist” by dr Jelena Bajic, in their work.
  • engages in personal development of individuals, and thus indirectly on development of entrepreneurship, especially when it comes to young people, students, unemployed citizens, female population, socially endangered categories, and people with disabilities;
  • takes care of protecting interest of their members and educators that operate in accordance to the law and basic ethical and moral principles;
  • works on promoting young researchers in the field of development of competences and improves social, economic and professional positions of young people through programs of professional orientation, volunteer work, internship, and social and youth entrepreneurship;
  • applies for grants and participates in the implementation of various programs of public interest financed by the state, as well as other domestic and foreign institutions and organizations, especially in the fields of development, education, science, culture, information, sustainable development, and other programs that can have a humanitarian character;
  • conducts consulting and management tasks and provides logistical support to legal and natural persons for organization of promotions, presentations, trade fairs, various campaigns and similar activities related to the development of professional and personal competencies of individuals by using intelligent communication.