Improvement, development and perfecting communication competencies that are necessary for successful, efficient and confident communication, and therefore development of other necessary professional and personal competencies (transfer of knowledge, information, attitudes, techniques and work methods, discussions, dialogues, team leading, managing, negotiation, etc.), thus providing the highest quality of communication act to the mutual satisfaction of all participants.

Strong people, managers, in a word - leaders, must have very distinct communication competence in today’s world, because it gives them advantage and makes them different and better. Intelligent Communications (IC) - Metodology by by dr Jelena Bajic was created from that perceived need through a long research for doctoral dissertation, and gives clear guidance as to which direction we need to move, when it comes to these subjects. It is now a useful elixir of knowledge and guidelines turned into Intelligent Communication (IC) - Methodology, and you are standing right at its source.

Competent teams classified in Scientific, Professional, Consultative-Executive and other boards of organization International Association for Intelligent Communications (INAFIC), on the wings of new methodology, create a unique communication reality and provide you with a chance to actively participate in it, through educational programs, conferences, seminars, workshops, and other forms of self-educative work. On basic postulates of the new scientific methodology Intelligent Communications by dr Jelena Bajic (“Intelligent Communicologist”) we create individual programs specifically for you and your company, organization, corporation; with the purpose of making communication competence an imperative in your work environment and all other segments of life and social interaction.

Intelligent communication is the number one advantage in the turbulent world market today. The first to adopt the legitimacy of its great power will be enormously advantageous compared to others. You will feel like you have put on glasses that make you see all the fine nuances of the important communication transactions that others don’t see! That will give you a significant advantage in the communication act whenever and wherever, and especially when it comes to important strategic negotiations and arrangements!

People who are the wealthiest and most influential in their professions, knew about the importance of communication competence. One of them, who is a symbol of great fortune has once said: “The skill of communicating with people is a product that can be bought just like sugar and coffee. And I will pay more for that skill than for anything else,” John D. Rockefeller, Sr.