International Association for Intelligent Communications (INAFIC) (from Metodology by dr Jelena Bajic)

INAFIC is an association, organization that focuses on developing professional and personal competencies of individuals. Through relevant, scientific Theories of communication and Communication Models with foundation in Communicology science on one hand and Modern communication models (Coaching, Transactional analysis, NLP-Neuro-linguistic programming, Non-verbal communication, Applied theatre - Performance, Assertive communication etc) on the other hand, it establishes new standards in the field of personal development.

Founded on the idea of spreading the word on the importance of intelligent communication, i.e. communication in general, as a backbone of the whole process has the new scientific methodology of Intelligent Communications (IC) Metodology by dr Jelena Bajic. It is a new scientific methodology that is unique in its content and purpose. It has derived from years of research and educational scientific-academic work, first in the defended master thesis entitled: “Internal PR in economic organizations: the impact of interpersonal communication on the employee motivation” (2012), and then in the defended doctoral thesis entitled: “Modern communication models for developing professional and personal competencies on the example of Republic of Serbia (2018).”

It converges in itself traditional and modern (old and new) models of communication and gives insight and completely new perception to the communication competencies in the XXI century. By referencing the importance of the competent intelligent communication in theory and practice it unifies PR (Public Relations) theory and practice with HR (Human Resources) theory and practise, having in mind a person as the central figure in its own habitus. Communicology Science embodied in Intelligent Communications (IC) Metodology by dr Jelena Bajic, gives clear directions and relevant, empirically tested markers and represents some sort of pillar in the development of communication competences for modern age by sublimating these two, till now, separate scientific approaches.